Why I Don 't Like Surfing Essay

1074 Words Jul 19th, 2015 5 Pages
Do you know what’s strange? The fact that sometimes I don’t like blogging. Yes, I said it. Most bloggers wouldn’t but I did because this is a diary and diaries have no filter. It’s not because I can’t write or I have no motivation, it is literally because I don’t like thinking. Thinking too much makes my head hurt because there is too much inside my head like it’s all jumbled up floating around and it makes no sense. It’s hard to make sentences that make sense and go together because my head is all over the place and it just doesn’t stay still. I think I just put off thinking because when I think too hard, I think about things I don’t want to think about like pain, suicide, people that aren’t happy etc. I don’t like knowing that I can’t help. I can’t help my boyfriend or my grandma or my step-sister or my friends with their problems, I just have to sit there and wait. Wait for something to happen to make them okay. Do you know the pain of waiting? Do you know the feeling of knowing you’re helpless? This is why I don’t like blogging sometimes because it leaves me stripped and vulnerable and even though I try I can’t help you guys either.

Thinking is hard for me… Like really really thinking. Artificial thinking is easy like exams and solving problems but real thinking that’s a challenge because real thinking has no absolute answer… Real thinking means thinking about yourself and who you are and why we’re here and how things are possible. Real thinking is something that…

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