Essay on Why I Was A English Class

1296 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
When I first started the Composition One class I was not sure how it was going to be. I was super nervous because I had not had an English class in over a year. Even when I did have an English class we were not graded on a tough grading scale. I knew I had some issues with my grammar, and I was ready to work on it. I also did not know all of the ways that an author could manipulate me, and quickly realized that I am easily manipulated. I read articles all the time without ever thinking how credible the author sounded, or how little logic it had. I was at a very different place with my writing then. Grammar has always been a struggle for me. High school teachers never really marked off points for bad grammar. They just checked to see if the paper was long enough. They claimed they read our papers, but after being in English 1010 I now know that I did not deserve one hundreds on all of those papers. I listed to all of the feedback that I got after each paper. I take written information better than verbal, so seeing physically what I was doing wrong really helped me better my papers. There were plenty of opportunities for help this semester. Even though I did not go to the writing center. I did however, use the peer review to the best of my advantage! It is not that I did not want to go to the writing center. I just had to go to work every day right after class, and when I did not have class I was at work. I really wanted to get help. I do realize though that if I needed it…

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