Why Is Humility An Important Characteristic Of Consensus Essay example

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Why is humility an important characteristic of consensus organizers?

Humility is important in consensus organizing because it allows the purpose to be known more. The focus should be on the end goal and not on a person. Having humility in the consensus organizing allows more effort to be put into what matters, the completion of the goal.

What competencies do you think you need to be an effective consensus organizer? Why?

I think that I would need to be diverse. Even though I am just working with communities it is important that I still know how to be diverse. Understand different cultures and not making fundamental attribution errors would be the key for me to be and effective consensus organizer. The reason that it would be key is because if I understand people point of view I can have a better understanding of how to approach and issue and make the community happy and not just a certain population in the community. It will also help me in reaching my goal because; if I am diver and not making fundamental errors I will probably have more support for the goal.

Think about some of your closes relationships. What characteristics would you use to describe them?

Some of my close relationships are really adventurous. I love to go on adventures with people that I am close to because those are memories that I will have forever and I want them to be apart of it. My close relationships are also very energetic. I call my friends and I am full of life even though it maybe two in…

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