Why We Should Ask Ourselves? Essay example

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“Instant access”, that is the motto of our society. This is a culture that is fast paced in every aspect of their lives. We have become a nation that wants what they want in the shortest amount of time and the least amount of money. Some may say it is a culture of laziness that can still be productive while others are more in tune with having opportunities at your fingertips, either way the cell phone has become a way of life and it does not look like it is going anywhere soon.
This is why we should ask ourselves these questions. Are we becoming a “McDonaldized” society? Do we have a need for speed, reproductions, quantity, and reliability? Then we have embraced the concept of McDonaldization. It is a term used to show how a culture is adapting to a fast-food way of living. There are four main concepts of McDonaldization; efficiency, calculability, predictability and control. Efficiency is the aspect of getting the optimum done in a minimal amount of time. Organization is the key to an efficient performance. Calculability is a component that presumes quantity equals quality. It is getting the buyer to assume that because there is a great quantity the quality is also great. Predictability, making sure the same product is the same in every area. This does not stop with product alone, the workers are also identical. The last aspect is control, uniformity is the norm. Sometimes with trying to find the control one must alleviate from a human being. This is where…

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