Why Were Plebeians So Important? Essay

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Why were plebeians so important to Rome?
A Plebeian, is “(in ancient Rome) a Commoner”- Oxford Dictionary. The term evolved from referring not only to the local plebeians in ancient Rome but also generally, a commoner. In the context of ancient Rome however, the plebeians would break out of this definition and eventually become the commoners’ dream.
To properly address this question, it is important to consider the timeline of plebeian importance in Rome, considering their transition of status from commoners to complete equals with the patricians, as full roman citizens and equals before the law. Regardless of a timeline however, it can be seen that the plebeians were very important to Rome even when their social status was at its lowest because the romans compromised on their terms and met demands on many occasions. Pre- equality Era
Plebeians departed
The phrase, ‘’ you never know what you have until it’s gone ‘’, is an experience that Rome got very familiar with after the first plebeian secession. The plebeians under the hard bondage of debt sought to liberate themselves by deciding to abandon their roles in the military, leave the city and form one of their own. The romans quickly dissolved the plebeian debt in an attempt to win their hearts of loyalty. Here we see the first reason the plebeians were important to Rome: they were an essential part of the roman army. Considering that the plebeians were the majority in the roman society I will also conclude that they…

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