Essay on Women And Women 's Rights

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Nowadays, more and more countries recognized that women made significant contributions to business, community and civic life. Women have right to vote, and have right to do what they want to do, such as women could run for president in the United State. In contrast with the 18th century, women have many duties at home such as work at the farm and take care of the children, but have few political rights in the republic. However, some famous women played a role in American democratic society in 18th century. I was impressed by the way Sojourner Truth could formulate her ideas. Even though she was a black woman, but she was one of best known African-American abolitionist and women 's rights advocate. Particularly, Truth’s speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?” which she delivered it at the Ohio Women 's Rights Convention in1851. She expressed her feminist thought with courage and conviction, and this speech became her best known story. Overall, Truth made me realized that her reasoning is clear and her claims are logical. She made a different for African-American abolitionist and women’s rights. I believe that Truth was influenced by her experience. In 1797, Sojourner Truth was born in a slave family in New York State. She was treated with cruelty as a slave more than 40 years, and she always had no freedom and rights. For example, she began to be treated as private property by her owners to exchange for money at her young age. Moreover, at least three of her child was sold to…

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