Essay Women 's Influence On Female Bodies

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Our ‘striptease culture” is preoccupied with ‘self-revelation and exposure’ (mcNair 2002:81 in Attwood, 2010: xv); how does this impact on the way female bodies are represented in the public sphere? Discuss this question with reference to specific examples of 20 and 21st century women’s art.

“Look at what a hot girl I am: in spite of my independence, my culture, my intelligence, all i care about is pleasing you.” Autor Virginie Despentes

We live in a society where western women are expected to abide to strict gender stereotypes and to tolerate the constant objectification and judgement of their bodies; a society, in which the public are persistently exposed to the aesthetic ideals of the ‘perfect’ female body though a sex-crazed advertising and media culture. In an age where a high percentage of women claim to feel ‘empowered’ by the sex industry, author Ariel Levy questions “how is imitating a stripper or a porn star- a woman whose job is to imitate arousal- going to render us sexually liberated?”. In this essay I aim to elaborate on Ariel Levy’s question in relation to the work of artists Hannah Wilke, Marlene Dumas and Sarah Lucas. Artist’s who 's work is believed to challenge traditional and modern ideas of femininity and comment on contrasts between the sexual and the sexualised with reference to feminist ideologies. During the feminist art movement (late 1960s-early 1980s) artists Hannah Wilke, Carolee Schneemann, Judy Chicago, Valle Export, Cindy Sherman and Ana…

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