Women 's Influence On Sports Essay

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Sports are one of America’s largest pastimes and are taken both seriously and also as a recreational activity. Since sports were invented, males have taken dominance on the playing field. One of the main reasons for this was their physicality and strength to participate at a great level. But, as time progressed, women began to become more involved into the sport culture. According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), between 1971 and 1972, 294,015 women participated in high school athletics compared to over 3.5 million male athletes at the time (AAUW, 1). But, as time progressed, in 2007 the number of high school women participating in sports was just over 3 million and men were around 4.3 million. According to the website, this trend was also shown in college athletics in reference to the respective time period mentioned above. With these facts stated, showing how so many women are participating in sports, how come women are not being represented and portrayed in the media in the same fashion as men?
For my research project I am going to dissect and discuss the misrepresentation of women in sports by the media. Within this research I am going to present evidence and elaborate on different scholarly research showing the different ways that media portrays women negatively. I am going to discuss broadcast media, sports magazines. All in all, women receive less broadcasted air time compared to men, are viewed for their sexual features and…

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