Women 's Rights, And Connections Between Civilization And Human Rights

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Women 's rights, and Connections between Civilization and Human Rights Human existence and interference with nature over the tens of thousands of years have culminated into civilizations and distinct ideas of what a human has or does not have rights in doing. Although civilization cannot be defined with one solid definition, it may be defined as “complex social organization with divisions and specialization of labor (Smith: 32).” Additionally, this term may also be noted as a collaborative and organized effort by humans to create equilibrium in the environment in which they live by having a stable way to support themselves. This is where human rights begin to play a major benefactor in how people act, dress, and engage in dialogue with others. Human rights, for example, would be access to water, food, and air; because living without these things would not be possible. However, there are definite advantages and disadvantages of how human rights are distributed and restricted within society; so it will be imperative to contrast women’s rights from ancient times to the modern woman; and also finish with civilization actally means. Firstly, women in ancient times were regarded highly and had shared equality with men of the time. The advantages of women then are that they were not treated with disdain and were as powerful symbols such as fertility, but also for their contributions in maintaining basic needs to keep the community and culture thriving. Moreover, an example of…

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