Women 's Rights And Equality Essay example

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Whether it is because of religious ideals, women have been oppressed for thousands of years. Males have always been looked at as the “provider” in society, which in turn created a sense of power over women in social, cultural, religious and political situations (Chan 1). Nineteenth-century women have fought for women 's rights and gender equality. Even after this struggle, they still face many struggles in the contemporary era. There are still inequalities in the work force. The first wave of modern feminism aimed at women gaining suffrage, equal rights to education and health care and equal rights to enter professions. From societal, vocational, and religious perspectives, women have faced years of oppression that needs to be immediately reversed. Women have often been used as currency in history, traded as slaves or even used as compensation in legal situations. Gender equality is necessary in a workforce in order to preserve the rights given to both men and women. According to an article called “Aspects Concerning the Phenomenon of Discrimination from the Perspective of the Equal Rights Principle”, a woman makes 23 cents less per dollar than a man (Bogdan 95). People must realize that in order for all humans, especially women, to be able to show their talents, they cannot be suppressed and must be allowed to express themselves (Miller 284). Miller says “to be able to do this, people must learn to accept that they are all humans and that treating one gender different…

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