Women 's Rights And Freedom Essay

1625 Words Aug 25th, 2016 null Page
There have been many issues in the past that women have overcome, but there are still many issues today that we still can’t seem to resolve. Even though the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created to resolve these and many other problems we have in society, it still doesn’t seem to support all the issues that women still face. Women do not feel safe, secure and protected in the choices that they make in society because their rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights are not consistent or stringently enforced. Women are still truly not viewed as equals in society.

I don’t think that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms supports the many issues that women face today. For many years sexual assault has been one of the most vicious crimes that is committed against women. There is one statement that almost all of these assaults have in common, all of the victims said “No” to their attacker. The “No means No” outcry by women’s rights activists and their supporters has seemingly been silenced because women continue to be viewed of as sexual objects. This can be seen from individuals who argue that no doesn’t really mean no it just means try harder. The way that a woman dresses, walks and even gestures have often been used in court cases as part of many defences, implying that the act of assault was consensual. “She asked for it” is a phrase too commonly spoken in society. But a woman’s right, under the charter, protects our right to do all of these things; to dress how we…

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