Women 's Rights By Susan Chandler And Jill B. Jones Essay

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The idea of women working has two different meanings depending on the time period it is being examined in. With men leaving their jobs during World War I, women began leaving their household jobs and occupied men’s positions. But the return of the men at the end of the war meant women had to go back to their household duties and return the men’s jobs. Following World War II, women were less wanting to return to domestic jobs and many continued working in jobs that were considered to be man’s work. It was not until the 1960’s and 70’s that women accounted for half of the labor force. The lack of equality in society between genders resulted in unfair treatment of women in the workplace (Women’s Rights 1994). This is one of several topics discussed in Casino Women by Susan Chandler and Jill B. Jones. Negative treatment of women in the workplace begins with the discrimination of women in everyday life. Discrimination is learned through other members of society and is engrained in our lives, which makes it very difficult to completely eliminate. This is also brought on by gender roles and expectations forced onto us from the day we are born. Girls and boys are treated very differently as they grow up; girls are told to be sweet, quiet, and refined whereas boys are taught to be fighters and leaders. This has lead to the belief men are superior to women. Even though women make up for half of the labor force, they are still treated negatively by their male coworkers.…

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