Women 's Rights For Women Essay

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Essay – women’s rights

Women should be granted with rights. Men shouldn’t be the only people allowed rights, women should too. It was hypothesised that the women’s access to rights was a lot more significant that people made it out to be. The key points to this essay include the life women lead before they were given the privilege to have rights, what happened when women were granted with rights and the sources and people who are available to right about this topic.

During the time of World War 1, women were not treated the way they should and they didn’t like it. In this particular time, it was hard for women to get their say in anything and the effects of this were not nice for them. They were forced to do the labour jobs that men had to complete while they were at war. Some of these include not being able to compete at war, although they were allowed to be a part of the army force. They were in charge of it all. The women were made to do jobs such as, looking after families without any help, nursing for injured or sick people and other active service duties. The women were forced to work twice as long and twice as hard for half the pay men got. It’s not fair! A lady during this time named Thora Hawkes was a nurse and trained at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (as stated in trove). She was appointed as the new Warden of the settlement in the university in Sydney. She had to do other jobs as well such as, organising needs of people and add ministrative abilities that would…

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