Women 's Rights Of The Modern World Today Essay

2183 Words Jul 5th, 2015 9 Pages
Millions of people in America and the western world today have children through the traditional hospital and medical settings. However, this was not always the accepted method of birthing. At one point in American history this was not the case. Families had babies born through a midwife. A position held by women for thousands of years, women who felt it was the right way to deliver and care for a new born child. In today’s America there should be a shift back to midwifery when it comes to the standard of birth practices. Through the examination of historical aspects it is laid out just how midwifery has slowly become extinct. A practice that has been around since the dawn of time, women are now told is incorrect and unsafe. Through propaganda and fear, the medical industry convinced women that they did not know how to give birth. It evolved from women being able to have control over their birth and their bodies to a predominantly male doctor telling them what is the right way to deliver a child. In today’s modern world, midwives are such a taboo topic to the population. In today’s world women need to be educated on midwifery, a practice that has been forgotten. The Medical Industry of America has worked hard to eliminate midwifery in the states, but through evidence of midwives in other cultures, economics, and a relatively new push towards a more natural understanding in modern medicine they are on the rise. They are no longer being dismissed. The United Stated of…

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