Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

1006 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
A young woman is sitting in her high school History class, openly discussing and defending women and how poorly they were treated in earlier societies. Almost every other girl alongside her in class agrees with and applauds her opinion, yet a boy across the room is defending men’s rights, and after class he is slapped multiple times across the face and back because he is wearing a “MENINIST” shirt. Though the girl wants equality for her rights, she cannot claim the responsibility that comes with it, by slapping the boy and having it renowned as justified. If the boy had done the same to her, he probably would have been charged with assault and expelled. So the girl walks away unscathed because she is “oppressed”, but the boy is forced to “take it like a man”, and is honestly, the only one is in this situation who is truly oppressed. Many people in our society would classify this girl as a feminist, or someone who exercises all equalities of women’s rights to men’s rights. Though she asks for the same opportunities as men have, she finds it “un-ladylike” to work in construction, bus tables, or sit in a jail cell for slapping a man across the face. As a woman, she defends women and their rights, but only by putting other men down by shaming them and making false claims about them. She asks for the same possibilities yet wants special treatment as well, such as a lessened workload or a claim to a “justified” means of action. Luckily, the perfect solution is among us for this…

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