Women 's Rights Of Women Essay example

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For the last 100 years women have been in a constant battle to seek for their rights and be equally recognize as a human being. Over the course of time, women have been discriminated because of their gender. The Women Liberation Movement was created by alliance of women and feminist to fight for their right that they deserved because of their gender. The Feminist Movement , also known as The Women Movement refers to reinforcing reproductive right, domestic violence , maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage , sexual harassment , and sexual violence , al of which fall under the label of feminism. For many years women were expected to marry in her early twenties to a man that her family picked out for her ( arranged marriage ), most of the times this happened because the man’s family were economically wealthy. Also they were expected to raise their children, cook, clean, and please their husband sexually even if she did not want to. Women were limited to work, and obtain an education, their duties were to maintain the household. Women did not expect a lot from life, they knew that their destiny, they had no decision on that. In 1960, Women were limited to jobs, the workplace was a very discriminating field for them. In 1960 women accounted for six percent of American Doctor , three percent of lawyers, and less than one percent of engineers. Although by this time thirty- eight percent of American women worked , they were paid less than man. They were denied the…

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