Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Imagine this: a world where slavery still exists. People are placed randomly but nowhere to run to, can’t escape, and have had their basic human rights stolen from them. Men, women, and children are tied up to one another. They are unable to move, speak, or even eat unless given permission to do so. They are only granted a certain period of “freedom” but only to find that it is when work needs to be done. The men are separated from the women and children and are brought into slavery to perform forced labor until their bodies cannot physically take it anymore. Some collapse and are left for dead because they aren’t worth keeping around anymore. Women are also forced into work but almost always have to do work a little differently than the men. Women are merely abused through sexual acts and ultimately are brought to be a part of the sex slavery industry. To these women their everyday lives consist of the same process but with multiple various men at once. Their bodies ache and are numb to the point where they can’t even move to try and protect themselves anymore. And among this there are children hurt and dead inside but are still just trying to hang on to anything in order to survive. These innocent kids are both born and raised as a slave or are captured to become one. Some are even the children among the raped victims by their owner. This is an unbearable place to imagine. So, do you see a world where slavery still exists?
Because it still does.
“People were created…

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