Essay on Women 's Sports : A Popular Cultural Phenomenon

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Essay 2 Currently a popular cultural phenomenon has risen over the last couple decades. Women’s sports, but more specifically women’s soccer popularity has been up for debate amount multiple age groups. Over the last 20 or so years women’s professional soccer stateside has a mountain of obstacles to face. From the gender equality on turf, to the two found leagues, or the dramatic pay deficits found within the female population. It seems like quite a large topic for debate that many argue isn’t worth it, while others argue women’s sports is on the up and coming. While looking specifically at women’s soccer, or what the English call it Futbol we see the world’s most popular sport struggling to find its roots among a strongly rooted country of athletics. From the LeBron James’, or the Tom Bradys’ we find large support for male athletes, but not nearly as much for their female counterparts. Specifically with women’s soccer we must look at the deeper causes of the rise and fall of this so fragile sport, looking specifically at the professional leagues, pay deficits, and overall fan support. First looking at the many leagues that once were successful, and then faced folding only a few years into its history. For women’s professional soccer stateside it was not established until after the 1999 World Cup victory over China in the Rose Bowl. A record breaking crowd was there that day to witness the USA win their second Women’s World Cup title adding a second star to their…

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