Working And Learning About Responsibility Essay

1251 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
Looking past the past through the present to the future working and learning about responsibility is very important to me . My dad taught me a lot about work not only having a job but working hard to make sure his family is fed and we have the things we need. My father was a single parent after my mother die in 2002. Having three kids to take care of wasn 't part of his plan. My dad took care of us financially and emotional, which was very hard dealing with his emotions he felt for my mother. Being that she was gone, he didn 't really have the hope he needed but pulled through and he showed the responsibility someone needed to have to succeed. "I want to make others happy and have enough patients as well" I first saw my dad working when I was Five. My dad worked not only one job but two jobs. I woke up with my father every day at 4 o 'clock in the morning. He put on his construction worker 's outfit, I gave him his lunch and saw him walk out the door. Hours later he came home and switched out of that outfit in to a chef outfit as I saw him walk out the door again , some days I thought he wasn 't going to come back. As a kid it really made me think that if my dad can work 60 hours a week , and come home and still cook for us, he also made sure my homework was done. I never saw my father give up.That was the true meaning of hard work. I value my job. Now I work at Cub 25 hours a week and with school work it 's hard but the possibilities a truly are…

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