Working As A Teacher For Multicultural Classrooms On Post Secondary Schools

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Participant 1

Participant number one is called Mike ( a pseudonym). He is working as a professor in a one of community colleges in the city of Chicago. In the informed consent form, Mike did not reveal his age, academic background or real name. However, the man seems to be in his fifties. Mike was selected to participate in the study because he met the research interview requirements in the sense that he has been a teacher for multicultural classrooms on post secondary schools in the city of Chicago. Mike was the first volunteer to be interviewed based on his availability.

The interview was conducted on the last days of May 2015 in Ahlul Bait Center in Evanston. The interview took about 30 minutes. The interview was recorded and notes were taken. At the beginning of the interview, the researcher explained the nature and the purpose of the study. He reminded the participant of his rights and the expectations from the participation in the study. The participant was given the time to sign the consent and permission to audio tape forms. He was also given the chance to review the study protocol. Privacy and confidentiality of the participant were explained. Any questions and concerns by the participant were addressed.

The interviewer started the discussion by welcoming the interview and thanking him for his interest and readiness to take part in the study. The interviewee was reminded that he will be given the chance to review recordings and transcriptions upon…

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