Essay on Working At Wpb Vamc For More Than 20 Years

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Working at WPB VAMC for more than 20 years, I could definitely say, Ms. Anna Liza Fernandez is the best nurse manager we ever had. She is an inspiration, an admirable leader and a clinician who epitomizes nursing at it’s best. She displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and high proficiency in the surgical field. What makes her truly amazing is her ability to articulate nursing’s unique disciplinary contribution to the care of patient and how research and evidence based practice has molded the quality and safety of our teams patient care. She is also a fierce advocate for nursing, exemplifying what it means to be a nurse leader and manager. This is reflected on her excellent scholastic accomplishment - MSN at Florida Atlantic University, VISN 8 CDL 2015 graduate, Lean Sigma Greenbelt, and Board Certification in Healthcare Technology Specialist. She actively participates in different professional organization. She serves as expert consultant for Competency Credentialing Institute (CCI) for Certification of Surgical Service Management (CSSM), session moderator in AORN 2012-13 Expo, and currently function as one of AORN Palm Beach Board Members.

As the Perioperative Nurse Manager at WPB VAMC, Anna Liza has shown exemplary analytical and creative capability. She single-handedly designed the Surgical Orientation Packet for Operating Room Nurses. This electronic data covers all quality assurance and performance improvement area of the surgical service.…

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