Working Mothers And Their Dual Responsibility Essay

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SRUTHI KUPPA (300824235)


“First, from the early 1950s, many employed mothers began to challenge, although not overturn, the dominant discourse of the ideal mother as exclusively bound to the home. The simple fact that so many women were drawn to work outside the home despite criticism demonstrates the monetary and psychological importance of employment for women”(Wilson, 2006).
To start off with, the quote above mentions the unique life situation of working mothers. Many working women start their families while they are working, and some others may need to return to work sooner than expected in the postpartum period. The working mother, one who combines a successful career giving her financial independence, with an effective motherhood raising a child. It is essential to understand that both these jobs are extremely demanding, and to do justice to each without neglecting the other is an important task. The essay describes more about the way in which mothers function in their dual responsibility.
Working mother can be actually explained as women who chooses career along with the responsibility to raise a child. There are two main categories of such mothers where one is, stay at home mothers who work from home and the other category is who works away from home while fulfilling maternal duties. A qualified woman may stress on working in order to maintain an effective career and to stay…

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