Workplace Motivation Paper

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PSY 320
Workplace Motivation Paper What can be done to motivate the employees? How can I increase the productivity of the department? These are just a few of the questions many managers have asked his or herself. People are the most important asset for many organizations today. Without employees to perform a job many organizations and companies would not be able to produce a successful product. The product, however, is not the only part of the company that must be fine-tuned. A company is not truly successful until the company employee's are positively motivated to be productive, highly successful individuals. Motivating employees to meet company productivity standards can often be a challenging task. Being that every person is
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Based on the survey results management implemented training and development opportunities through a, personal development plan for each employee. The development plan gave the employee a sense of personal achievement. The team leader and employee would sit down on a monthly basis and discuss the employee's achievements and set future goals. Bi-weekly team meetings were set to discuss team issues, goals and accomplishments. This gave team members a chance to discuss any team problems that may have arisen and this was also an opportunity for the team to unite and discuss team goals. By allowing the employees to meet with his or her team and the leader the lines of communication became stronger. Employees felt empowered and motivated to perform his or her job. An incentive program was also implemented for the top performing employee and top performing team. Each member had production standards to meet. Employees were verbally and monetarily rewarded for meeting these standards, however, the ones who did not meet and continued to under perform were placed on a performance improvement plan. This plan helped weed out the unproductive employees and allowed the employees who strived for success to shine. Management at the call center and the front-end department used both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strategies to help the employees achieve the goals set. The incentives promised to the employees who performed at the set standards allowed management to motivate

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