Essay on Writing And Reading Skills After High School

835 Words Jul 26th, 2015 4 Pages
She started to become increasingly worried about her writing and reading skills after high school. She had realized that her writing was needed to be changed some how but she didn’t know where to start or how to do it. She was one of those typical teenage girls that wants to hang out and have fun. She was spoil and still is and when it came to her education, her mother would always be on her case about it. Her mother use to check her work the first year in high school and she sometimes do the work but not completely or do the work but wrong, so her mother would make her redo it. In high school every time she gets her work back from the teachers they tell her the same thing all the time “you need to write better”. But they never told her how and she never bothered asking because she was nervous, ashamed and frustrated and because she usually depends on the teachers to actually tell her how to write better, so that she can start. Her mother was her only tutor and she would help her on writing her essays all the time. During her high school years, her mother would tell her to always read more books so it can help her on understanding the concept and her writing would increase better because she will then know in how to elaborate more and avoid using colloquial words. She writes as she speaks and its hard for her to put her thoughts together so she just free writes. She would write as she speaks and find it ridiculous and she does not know how to do it, she became lazy on her…

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