Writing, Grammar, And The English Language Essay

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After surveying ten respondents at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, I have concluded some ideas about writing, grammar, and the English language. The purpose of the surveys was to research what students, faculty, and others at Mary Hardin-Baylor thought about writing and education. Although, all respondents responded in their own words, there were many similarities in their answers. The information gathered through these surveys may be used to support or defend some arguments about writing and how teachers teach it.
Since the Ancient Greeks, teachers have argued on how to teach writing. In Ancient Greece, the Literary Thesis was born. It taught that students learned writing best through reading. Reading the literature would teach thinking and they believed good writing would follow. Other philosophers have found this implication to be false. In “Preparing to Teach Writing” by J. Williams, he argues that reading is not teaching critical thinking like the Ancient Greeks thought. Although useful, there is a disconnection between reading and writing in this manner. The major concern is one of transfer. Rhetoric and Composition students are only learning to write about literature, and not about other fields. This could cause some problems with making writing applicable to other fields and professions. Furthermore, in his book The Sense of Structure: Writing from the Reader 's Perspective, Gopen argues that teaching writing by only teaching grammar is not working…

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