Writing Skills And Fundamentals During The English Class Essay

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Going into DE English I was quite intimidated. I was telling myself that I had nothing to worry about because I truly believed I was an above average writer. During my freshmen and sophomore years in high school I was enrolled in honors/advanced English classes. Junior year came and I took the next step to registering for the AP English 11 class. I passed this class with flying colors and decently scored on the AP test with a 3. I suppose deep down inside the intimidation was generated from the knowledge that DE English was a true college level course.
I was not quite assured that I was prepared for this class, but I had a goal when signing up for
DE; to become a better writer. Even if my writing skills were not ready for this class intentionally, I knew I would learn, grow, and become an enhanced writer as the year progressed.
I could not have been more accurate when believing that I would improve and greater my writing skills and fundamentals during the DE English course. The most valuable achievement is the gained knowledge that no one has or will perfect the art of writing. Everyone has their own style, approach, and fashion of writing. I have learned that the key to successful authorship is to discover and master your own style of writing. I am now aware of the multitude of different elements and fundamentals within literature. There are many essentials that can be improved on in writing, these include: tone, vocabulary, perspective, sentence structure, and imagery are…

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