Xerox Corporation (Corporate Social Responsibility) Essay

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(Corporate Social Responsibility)

1. Introduction – Xerox company profile
Xerox Corporation is the world’s leading document management company. The company is manufacturing and selling printers, digital printing presses and systems, photo copiers and related supplies. Xerox started to expand rapidly between 1960 and 1970. In the mid 1980’s Apple decided to buy Xerox but the deal finally did not happen. Xerox sued Apple for stealing and using its graphical user interface on the Macintosh computers but the case was dismissed. In the 1990’s Xerox recovered and continued to grow by selling high quality products and became a $16 billion market leader digital company by now. (, 2007)1

2. Social Responsibility
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As a result of their Performance Track program, the company decreased energy and water consumption, increased waste-recycling and using less hazardous materials. By 2007, Xerox and partners have collectively reduced their water usage by 1.3 billion gallons and their generation of solid waste by 970,000 tons. They increased their use of recycled materials by 77,000 tons, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 67,000 tons. (, 2007)3

Xerox is also trying to persuade suppliers and customers to play part in their environmental friendly policies. They expect suppliers to meet their strict regulations when delivering materials for them. Xerox gives opportunities to their customers to improve their business environment. Xerox consultants investigate the customers’ premises and give advice how to improve sustainability. Xerox also offers a waste-collection, so that the company can be certain that the waste and used parts are handled in a professional manner. (, 2007)4

4. Summary
Xerox has proven their social responsibilities by winning many Environment, Health and Safety awards (, 2007)5. In this report only few of the company’s policy and programme were investigated. More information on Xerox environmentally friendly efforts can be found on

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