Zeus And The Gods Of Mount Olympus Essay

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Zeus, or Jupiter, is the supreme ruler of the gods of Mount Olympus. He overthrew his father, the titan Kronos, and divided the universe into three parts with his brothers Poseidon and Hades, with Zeus receiving the sky as his domain. Zeus also had many liaisons with many women both mortal and immortal, resulting in godly offspring and demigod heroes.

Zeus is also responsible for upholding laws and justice, and for making sure mortal rulers are just. His symbols include lightning and eagles.
When an author alludes to Zeus or Jupiter, he is emphasizing that character is a strong ruler, powerful, and kingly. He may also be referencing to a character who is unfaithful (Zeus’s many affairs), or an usurper (Zeus overthrowing his father, Kronos, for control of the universe). References to Zeus may also represent light and the sky, as Zeus is god of the sky. Zeus is also full of contradictions: he is responsible for keeping justice, and yet he is a dictator and cheats on his wife, Hera, very often. The author may reference this view of Zeus as a hypocrite.
Poseidon, or Neptune, is Zeus and Hades’s brother and god of the sea. He helped his brothers to overthrow their father Kronos for control of the universe. Poseidon is also god of earthquakes, storms, and horses. His primary weapon is his trident. Poseidon’s wife is Amphitrite, a nereid (sea nymph), but like Zeus, Poseidon also had many affairs. Poseidon is rivals with Athena, arising from a contest between them for control of…

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