Essay about A Hurricane Strikes - Original Writing

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A Hurricane Strikes - Original Writing

It was an ordinary Sunday morning. The rays of golden sunlight shone on the modest but lively village. The constant murmur of chatting filled the morning air. As children played and laughed, the men relaxed with their noses in their Sunday papers and the old ladies gathered to exchange the latest gossip. The huge trees looked protectively down on the village below and their leaves danced proudly in the breeze. In the distance, all the identical cottages had smoke rising from the chimneys. Outside one of these cottages, a tiny tanned sparrow skipped along the concrete path that led up to the welcoming front door. The cottage was set into the grassy bank and
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Inside a cottage, a little boy is sitting cosily and comfortably examining the television. With his eyes glued to the screen, he is unaware of the terrifying world around him: he is oblivious to his mother’s yelling; the town’s terror and even Max’s barking! Suddenly, the television goes blank and the boy’s attention switches to something which he struggles to accept as reality. His mother grabs him; grabs him in such a way that he senses disaster. She pulls him out of the house into the stricken street, into a whole new world which he has never encountered before.

There are leaves thrown about in the wild storm and brutal gusts of wind bring branches down. The rain thuds against the rooftops, like a steady yet heavy beat of a machine gun and the drum rolls from the thunder are ear-splitting! The storm, like a wild lion roars around corners and rages through the delicate window panes causing the glass to shatter helplessly. As the wind howls, it forces its way through the cottages, not caring about the path of destruction it is leaving behind! With little effort, it blasts off chimney pots from the innocent houses and, as the damage increases, the vulnerable village is left in pandemonium.

Along the beach, white foam from the churning sea flies like scattered snow as the wind whips up the

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