A Mysterious Girl Appears Essay

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The girl with an innocent heart traverses through an alley of darkness, of doors, and of chaos leading to the unknown. There, guided by the lost, provided the path to where the girl deemed she need to be. The girl entered the door, into a world once was promised for her to visit. Though, the girl was not happy, since she was all by herself; even less now that the time she will spend there remains in uncertainty. The girl lost consciousness, and …show more content…
"Rest now," a woman spoke. The girl now meets the first delight but not the light she seeks; for she thought of disappearing in the darkness, and yet she exists in the world of dreams. "Thank you," The girl with an innocent heart replied. "Where did you come from?" The woman asked which happened to be the question of no answer. The girl went back up to her feet, fixed her flag, and left without answering the question. The girl was told the direction, to the location, to get hope back and bring it to her original world. Along the way, the girl looked up, only to see the many moons and stars that decorate the sky. Slowly, the girl saw the stars and the moon turn red, the same colors she saw before entering this fake dream. However, the red color did not disappear unlike before, it slowly devoured her. And for the first time, she was finally correct. The girl with a seemingly innocent heart was not fooled by the dream presented to her. She resisted it and rejected the hope which it presents. It was not easy, for it is hope that she really seeks. It took long before she has awoken from that dream, and

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