A Simple Thing: A Young Warriors Tale Essay

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Wake up! The warrior was beating on the door of the shack. Cameron was jolted from his sleep and sat up in the bed. Meara seemed not to stir from the loud beats on the door. "Ok!" He shouted back shaking the sleep from himself, rubbing his eyes, and yawning broadly.
For the god's sake it is already light out." He rapped on the door again.
Cameron shook his head and rolled out of bed and opened the door saw the warrior was dressed for war. "Get dressed and get out here, your training begins today. Hurry up, I will not wait long." He turned and walked away.
Fast as he could, he was dressed and stepped out the door, the sun just peaking over the horizon. Cameron yawned again and then felt a deep pain in his stomach and fell over to the
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The master swordsman held out a hand to help Cameron to his feet. He told Cameron to take everything off but his simple undergarments and pointed to a large backpack. "Put that on, we shall run a while.
From the wee hours of the morning until early evening, the old Sword Master was out in the yard training Cameron, first the one handed fighting style then as he improved to using the shield and sword. In addition, during the evening till well after dusk he was at the shrine of Vandorous learning to be a priest. All the time the young blonde hair mage studied the conduit that was a few miles away to the west and got in with a small group of older mages to studied magic.
Over the many years Meara became more involved with the mages, Cameron found himself alone many night. He would stand by the window in their little shack waiting, wondering where she was. Last, he saw her, the mages were heading north, to study ad cast spell. She was gaining power within the ranks of the mages, power she said she needed to help Cameron become the second man to claim Baash as his Empire.
He could feel it; soon he would be a Knight and one more nearly impossible test, to become a Grand Knight of Vandorous. What would that test be? He asked himself, finding himself alone. In addition, where was the voice, he had not heard it for so long he almost forgot how it sounded. Silence was all he heard, there was no voice, no Meara.
He moved from the window, sat on the edge of his

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