A Tale of Two Heroes Essay

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A Tale of Two Heroes

Ender's Game written by Orsen Scott Card and The Matrix the movie by Warner Brothers may not have much in common at least at first glance. There is much that the two charcters Neo and Ender share. In fact one common theme in both their stories is the battle between free will and fate. Both Ender and Neo also share a battle between good and evil. Our heros also face a battle between themselves and their own desires.

Neo who is our hero from The Matrix is a young man who is seeking the truth about the matrix, a computer generated system. He encounters Morpheaus who becomes his guide and mentor in finding and then dealing with the truth about the matrix. Neo finds out that the matrix has control of the human
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Anderson who works for a computer softwhare making company. Neo is conflicted because he does not want his day job but needs it, and what he does at night is illegal. Once Neo is out of the matrix he once again becomes conflicted. At first he would much rather go back into the matrix but knows that that is not an option.

Ender in the same spirit would rather be a normal kid who goes to school and gets to do other things little kids get to do. But Ender is not a normal kid nor is his older brother or sister, the only thing that is even more diffrent than Ender is that he is a third. So Ender decides to play with the grown ups and do what they want and go off to the battle school. Throughout Ender's time away from home he longs to be back home with his older sister Valintine.

When Neo finds out the truth about the matrix he also finds out what others think of him; which is that he is the one to save humanity and destroy the machines that control us and keep us locked up inside our own minds. These machines are viewed as the bad guy while Neo is the good guy. Once Neo is freed from the matrix he is doing one of two things: learning about how the matrix works and how to fight it or actually in the matrix fighting the agents.

Most of Ender's early childhood was spent on learning about what is known about the buggers and what the first two wars were like and how they were won. When Ender finally arrives at the combat school he was able to evaluate full

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