ADHD in Adolescent Males and Its Effect on the Family Structure

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ADHD in adolescent males and its effect on the Family Structure There has been a vast amount of research done on the affects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD on adolescent males. The primary focus of this paper will study adolescent males with ADHD and how it affects their family structures. This paper will examine the articles, Prevalence of attention deficit-/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and comorbid disorders in young male prison inmates, Parental efficacy and child behavior in a community sample of children with and without attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and lastly Family Interactions in Children With and Without ADHD. This subject is extremely relevant to professionals because according to the …show more content…
The study reports that ADHD is considered one of the most frequent disorders in child and adolescent psychiatry, with prevalence rates ranging from 3–9%. The study also reports that 50% of people with ADHD will develop conduct disorders and that in adolescence and early adulthood substance use disorder and alcoholism occur with a prevalence of more than 50%. These statistics are pertinent in understanding the strain that adolescents with ADHD can put on their families. The doctors completed their study using 3 diagnostic steps. Firstly, they made a retroactive assessment of ADHD symptoms during both the inmates and the control subjects’ childhood using the Wender Utah Rating Scale German short version. They looked for the presence of the diagnostic criteria for ADHD using a diagnostic checklist for experts and Externalizing (ED) and Internalizing Disorders (ID) were investigated with the Youth Self Report or the Young Adult Self Report, respectively. What the data suggested that many inmates not only had adult ADHD or ADHD in their childhoods but several also had another disorder or mental illness. There was also a much higher rate of ADHD in the inmates than in the control group, meaning that ADHD might have a positive correlation to delinquency. Similar to the examination of prison inmates, an article titled Parental efficacy and child behavior in a community sample of children with and without

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