Adolescence: Fitting in and Not Standing Out Essay

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Many people say it is hard to fit into today’s society. We grow up in a world where we do not want to stand out because that is considered wrong. We want people to accept us, but we cannot do that when we do not fit in. You may not like the people who fit in, but you have to get to the top somehow. Some people feel they must help people in need because they have more than them and it sometimes hurts to see them have less. Some people are nice to others, but you can’t be nice to everyone. Can you really reach the top by fitting in and not standing out? Adolescence is about growing up and not standing out. When you stand out, you give people more room to judge you because they see more of who you really are. When we grew up, we never …show more content…
In this world today, one step can change your life because if you accidentally fall, no one will be there to pick you up. It’s hard to help people fit in when they don’t like the people in the ‘in-crowd’. Some people who do fit in aren’t exactly the friendliest people you could meet because they got everything handed to them, so they think that they belong there. Others know that they have to work to fit in and it’s so sad to watch that because you shouldn’t have to work for your friends. People that don’t really fit in seem as if they have it easy because they have friends that love them for who they truly are, but sometimes they get bullied by the people who fit in and that is why they hate the ‘in-crowders’. I myself am not in the ‘in-crowd’ and I don’t really care because my friends love me for me and I don’t have to change for them. People feel a type of responsibility for the unfortunate. We see people everyday in our lives that don’t really have much money or clothes and we feel sorry for them. Why do we feel sorry for them; because we know we have more than them and we are just wasting all that money for nonsense, when we could be helping the less fortunate. Some people can be greedy and selfish when it comes to their money, but that is usually because they grew up in that situation and saw their family do that. Most people say that others

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