Against Psychotropic Drugs for Children Essay

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Some facts about psychiatric drugs for children are that the drugs are prescribed with a false diagnosis. The children that are prescribed are not seriously impaired by their symptoms, they are merely becoming older and showing signs of adolescents; however, pediatricians see a small frustration in a child’s life and convince the parents or legal guardians that they need unnecessary medications to make the children docile and untroublesome. Little do the parents know, the drug given to the children means more money for the pharmaceutical companies and psychiatric research teams and may not even help the children at all.
The medication given to the children is a trial and error situation. The right drug could take years to find. The
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One of the most commonly diagnosed disorders is ADHD, which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is mistaken by sudden outbursts, being rowdy or intolerable, trouble focusing, or just not getting their work done. The medication prescribed is typically Ritalin, which is basically the drug called speed; it makes the children spaced out and/or totally docile, which solves nothig. The amount prescribed to a child is enough for a full sized adult, which is sometimes fatal. Some reports show cases that the children stop taking their drugs and die from withdrawal syndrome. I’ve researched a case in which a boy had simultaneous organ failure from withdrawals; he was only 10 years old. Those treated with ADHD medication stimulants have the risk of a bipolar disorder. 1 in 5 children diagnosed with ADHD is confused with bipolar disorder. The medication prescribed for ADHD may trigger oppositional defiant disorder or manic bipolar episodes. These episodes are then treated with, you guessed it, even more treatment. It’s a seemingly never ending cycle of medications, and the children are overwhelmed.
“It’s too much. I feel stuck, and like I cant get up again.” a young girl, who has taken enough medication for it to be lethal, says to her lawyer who sides and wins with her in a case of an overdosing foster care facility. The young girl

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