America Must Permit Prayer in Public Schools Essay

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America Must Permit Prayer in Public Schools

The first few English men to settle the Americas came to this continent for various reasons. They wanted to find a place where they could farm and raise a family with financial prosperity, but mostly they came to the Americas to have the freedom to worship God in their own way. They had hopes that this new land would be a place where all people would have the right to serve and to pray. Unfortunately, after these many years, their will is forgotten. Today, some students have to think twice before talking to their God in any school setting. The U.S., with all its rights, is beginning to hold back on one of its most important. I believe that school boards should not be allowed to
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The documents that make the backbone of our country were written in accordance to God’s will. Setting religious freedom as a standard has played a sizable role in making the United States the most powerful country in the world. Do we dare go against our own word, by prohibiting students from praying? We should be celebrating our right to talk to whomever we worship openly and without fear of persecution. Our forefathers fought and died to protect these freedoms. Most other nations can only dream of our kind of religious liberties.

As a student in high school, I was never kept from coming in early to a prayer circle. The prayer circle was a great way for us to lift up our thoughts and feelings to the God we worship before the day began. This was a great way to prepare for the day. The prayer circle often served as a reminder to me to lift my troubles up to God throughout the day. From what I could tell, it helped the other people involved as well. The prayer circle was not something restricted in our school, in fact, the principal was happy to see students expressing their religion. On top of that, I took advantage of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Friday morning services that my high school offered. None of these events interfered with class in any way because they took place outside of class time. Even non-believers were invited to events if they just wanted some good, clean fun. These events were in no way

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