Essay on Amish Weddings

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As a blushing bride walks down the aisle of a church with tears of joy in her eyes and dressed an expensive white gown, her future husband stands and waits to kiss his wife. This couple has been engaged for several months, and during that time all the details of this day have been perfectly planned: the date of the ceremony, the venue, the flowers, and even the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses. This is the day that every girl dreams of experiencing. However, if that girl is of the Amish faith, her wedding day will not be as extravagant. An Amish couple who plan to get married will have a much simpler, more community-involved event that will include minimal planning beforehand, a special church service on their day, and a more personal …show more content…
The bride will prepare by making her own dress, which is in a shade of blue or purple. It will not be fancier than any of her everyday outfits, but the color represents the specialness of the day and it is her opportunity to be set apart in the community. The wedding ceremony is held at the brides’ parent’s home or barn, and it consists of a normal Sunday-like church service with a special time set aside to unite the bride and groom. The congregation sings hymns while the bride and groom are taken to a separate room with the bishop and ministers for a time of “admonition and encouragement” (Clark 113). After the couple rejoins the church membership, there is a time of prayer, Bible reading, and a sermon. The pair will then exchange vows, which are typically vows made to God first and then to their partner. The Amish do not allow divorce, so these vows are very serious and the couple realizes that these promises will not be broken under any circumstance. Once the ceremony is completed, the large feast begins. The congregation sits in the largest room in the house, or occasionally the tables will be set up outside. The newlyweds sit at their own table along with a couple of close friends. “The Amish bride sits to the left of her Amish groom, symbolizing where she will sit in their marriage buggy” (“Preparing an Amish Wedding”). This

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