Analysis of Juthith Butler´s Besides Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy

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Are we really humans? What is the definition of a Human being? What makes us Humans? Society is so complicated that anything can be true these days. In Judith Butler’s essay, “Besides Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy”, she talks about how humans are vulnerable to life around us socially and physically, and humans are dependable on others. She also uses examples such as grief to define who we are because when humans go through the grief process it reveals who that person really is and it can change that person forever in. Some people go through the grief process differently because it affects everyone. Losing someone close to you can change your prospective about life and how you look at things. We live in a country where everyone …show more content…
It’s normal to their society as to do things like this but in the United States they would probably fall under the act of discrimination, murder and more.
All human beings fantasize about things in life that interest them and how they want something’s to happen. When some people fantasize, they normally imagine about things happening to them when in their right minds they feel like it will never happen or it’s impossible. Fantasies also help us in how we live our lives because when we fantasize about things, we are actually creating goals for ourselves. They motivate us to achieve our goals in a way that we thought wasn’t possible. Butler states that “Fantasy is no the opposite of reality and it establishes the possible excess of the real” (248). Just because it is a fantasy, doesn’t mean we can’t turn it into reality. We tend to ignore the importance of what goes on when we are fantasizing, but if we put our minds to it we can make those fantasies come true. For example, a person might fantasize about winning the lottery. If that person doesn’t play the lottery, that dream will never come true. The bad thing is that when we fantasies too much, we tend to not do anything to make the fantasy come true.
When we first hear the term “rights”, people, especially black people, think about protection against discrimination. Black people see themselves as the same because of what people before our time had to go

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