Analysis Of Racism In Huck Finn Essay

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To teach or not to teach? This is the question that is presently on many administrators' minds about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. For those who read the book without grasping the important concepts that Mark Twain gets across "in between the lines", many problems arise. A reader may come away with the impression that the novel is simply a negative view of the African-American race. If we believe that Huck Finn is used only as a unit of racism we sell the book short. I feel that there is much to be learned about Blacks from this book and it should not be banned from the classroom. This is only one of many themes and expressions that Mark Twain is describing in his work. I believe that in Huck Finn slavery is …show more content…
The second main lesson that the book teaches is that the world is full of hypocrites. Huck realizes that through his experiences with Jim that Blacks are not the type of horrible, unworthy, piece of property that they are made out to be. People like Miss Watson tell Huck that blacks were nothing but property and should be treated as such. Huck now knowing that this is not the case sees that people, like Miss Watson, made up these laws to suit themselves. Huck also sees that Miss Watson would often make up a rule for him to follow but not live by it herself. "And she took snuff too; of course that was alright, because she done it herself." (Twain) Huck began to notice that not everything Miss Watson told him was true. With this, Huck not only sees Jim in a new light, but he begins to see that the people who supposedly know everything, didn't really know anything. I believe that the whole book is a masterpiece of irony. With this second main lesson, the book defends itself against being banned.
People who would ban "Huckleberry Finn" simply for the surface racial content are no better than the character of Miss Watson. The idea of banning a book and not teaching it to others is selfish in itself. Those who are seeking to ban it

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