Essay on Analysis of the Opening Sequence of Clueless

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Analysis of the Opening Sequence of Clueless

The film “Clueless”, written and directed by Amy Heckerling in 1995, is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s early 19th century novel “Emma”. In order to translate the insular world of the provincial English town into a modern scenario, Heckerling hit upon the modern American high school, with its cliques and rituals. Although it appeals to a larger audience, the target audience is the teenage generation and with this in mind, Heckerling entertains us whilst successfully communicating her views.

The film set the trend for a number of “teen movies” with its witty satire of the superficiality of the American “MTV” generation and its genre has been adopted
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Shortly before the end of the montage Cher starts her narration, leaving us in no doubt that she is the main character around which the film evolves. She tries in vain to convince her captivated audience that she has “a way normal life for a teenage girl,” which is very hard to accept as she is choosing her school outfit with the help of a computer. It can not be the norm, even in America!

The film is set in affluent Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. We now meet Cher’s father, “a litigator” who “gets paid five hundred dollars an hour to fight with people”, at the top of a magnificent staircase. The high angle shot offers a great view of the interior of the house and shows him as a character of considerable importance.

The next sequence takes place in the kitchen with Cher trying to control her father’s life with little success. There is a long shot with the camera panning round, keeping Cher and her father in the middle of the shot. The camera places the audience into the kitchen!

There is a cut and the next scene takes us for a drive with Cher in brilliant sunshine- natural lighting I presume. The low angle shot of her car, a white jeep with “four wheel drive” and a “monster sound system”, gives the audience a taste of the power she is wielding as the car zooms off into the distance. Unfortunately, Cher’s driving is

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