Analysis of the Poem "Acquainted with The Night" Essay examples

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In “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost, the narrator goes through his night saying where he is and how he is alone. Considering the fact that he doesn’t make eye contact, it shows that he is incapable of interacting with other people. Unfortunately, we never find out what makes the narrator so dejected, but Frost lets us know in his writing how the narrator handles things throughout his late night walking in the city. This poem articulates depression, loneliness, and isolation.
Robert Frost's poem, "Acquainted with the Night," expresses depression. The first line says, "I have been one acquainted with the night" ("Acquainted"). This first line shows that night is a metaphor for depression. The narrator has been acquainted with
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This is another thing that may disturb the narrator and not only express depression, but also loneliness. “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost shows the lonely path the narrator takes. “I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet” (“Acquainted”) proves that he is by himself during his walk. The narrator is saying that when he stops moving, he cannot hear anyone else because he is alone. This is another thing that shows us his seclusion. “While others stay home, snug in their beds, the speaker walks out beyond the streetlights into the darkness. He is engulfed by it. The suggestion is that in this time and place he confronts the unanswered questions, his own littleness, and his detachment from others” (Monahan). When he says he has stopped the sound of feet, he is trying to have us envision the man and how alone he actually is. “I have been one acquainted with the night” (“Acquainted”) is an important line in this poem. “The word, “acquainted” describes the speaker’s connection to “night”. In the setting of this poem, night is the time during which the speaker heads out of town alone. For the speaker, night is a period of feeling total isolation and detachment of social groups” (Monahan). This line is important because it has the title of the poem in it and gives the readers’ assurance to what the poem is actually about. “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost expresses depression, loneliness, as well as

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