Analysis of Understanding Family Resilience by Joan Patterson

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Family is the fundamental group of people that hones each individual into a social being and trains each person into a being that complies with various changes that may occur in one’s life. It aids in developing a person’s skills and attitude in relating to other people. If not for the family, growing and developing one’s self is a difficult and an almost impossible task to accomplish. In the article by Joan Patterson, known as Understanding Family Resilience, it had highlighted various information and explanations of how a family responds and should opt to act during times of adversity, or also known as family resilience. It is defined by McCubin, H and McCubin, M. as “characteristics, dimensions, and properties which help families to …show more content…
This is similar to Walsh’s three processes in order to strengthen family resilience: Family Belief System, Organizational Pattern, and Communication or Problem-Solving Processes.
The Family Belief System is the manner of the family in viewing the crisis they are experiencing and how the family members interpret and treat those sufferings. It is also using the event as an opportunity for the family to engage in spiritual practices like praying, attending mass, and other means to enhance their religious relationships or connections. The second step which is the Organizational Pattern is implementing action and starting on the change and development the family aims to accomplish. It is also supporting each family member in their decisions that would affect the state of the family and also support coming from the community. The last step in Walsh’s three processes is the Communication or Problem-Solving Processes which is giving solutions that may be feasible coming from the members and non- members of the family. Basically, it is sharing one’s opinion regarding the solution or right action for the family to respond to the internal and external stress.
The three steps as stated above that were formulated by Walsh is timely for those who got affected by the super typhoon, Yolanda. The damage the devastating calamity had brought to various families should be

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