Analysis on the Ocean Full of Bowling Balls by J.D. Salinger Essay

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Anyone with genuine interest in literature, has heard about the recent leakage of Three Stories, a collection of three short stories written by famous American writer, J. D. Salinger. While I do not support the fact, that those are now known to general public despite author’s wishes for the stories not to be published until 50 years after his death, I cannot say, that I wasn’t thrilled when I heard they leaked. I will only focus on one of the three stories here, namely The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, precursor to the famed The Catcher in the Rye, taking place on the day of Allie’s death. More specifically I will be dealing with the meaning and symbolism behind the phrase “bowling ball” in the text.

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The next time bowling balls are mentioned is when Vincent (D.B. in The Catcher) tells the story he’s writing to Kenneth (Allie in The Catcher). The story, titled The Bowler, is about a man, whose wife never lets him listen to sports on the radio at night or read any cowboy stories. The only freedom he has, is that he can go bowling every wednesday. When the bowler dies, the wife comes to his grave every Sunday. One time she by chance comes on Wednesday, and notices the fresh flowers, after she asks the caretaker about it he tells her, that it’s the same lady as always, probably his wife. His actual wife is really upset about this and she throws his bowling ball through a window that night.

This story brings about quite a few completely different associations with the phrase. In the beginning, we see the ball as freedom. It offers the bowler something he couldn’t have otherwise. Just a few moments later we see the ball as a symbol for something else, unfaithfulness, cheating. And at the end of the story, as the wife throws the ball through the window, it presents anger and revenge.

If we then move forward, Kenneth asks Vincent, why doesn’t he delete the last part of the story. Why does he take revenge on him. If we speak of symbolism behind the bowling ball, he asks him to remove unfaithfulness, cheating, revenge and anger from the ball. He asks him, to just leave freedom.

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