Analysis The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Essay

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After I said hello to Mrs. Hudson and passed through the dark, narrow and tiny stairs to upstairs, I saw Sherlock Holmes was standing in front of the only window in the living room, and looked outside at the crowded streets as he usually did. “Watson, did you bring anything interesting for me today?” He turned with his violin, which is the one he rarely took outside of the box. “Well, I …” I was trying to say something, but I could not when I saw Irene Adler come out from Holmes’s room. “Perhaps, Mr. Holmes needs to say something before I talk, I believe.” I smiled at Irene Alder as a gentleman usually does to the lady and stood up from the chair, “Mrs. Adler, how nice to see you here! Please sit.” Irene Adler smiled like a canary and her …show more content…
Don’t be so shocked, my dear Watson. The royal family has forbid this news, so only few people know this right now. I heard that Prince Harry had received a threating letter last week and people in the palace believed that there must be someone who wants to kill Prince Harry. One thing made me so interested in this case is that according to the butler’s speaking, no one went to his apartment last night. Also, after Prince Harry went to his room, he was called away all the servants. So how did Prince Harry been killed in his own room?”
“Well…Maybe someone came through the wall and climbed the tree to Prince Harry’s room?”
Irene Adler stroked her smoothing brown hair and laughed loudly without any maiden image, “Oh, Doctor. I don’t know you have such an imagination! So why Prince Harry did not call servants to help?” I blushed quickly because I did not know how to plead against her and stirred my fingers uncomfortably in the sofa. “Actually, the security system in the apartment is completely perfect that if anyone comes without a permission, the alarm will be ring and security guards would appear as soon as possible. Can the well-known Sherlock Holmes explain the chamber of murder to our little poor Doctor Watson?” Irene Adler glimpsed at Holmes and chuckled, these tiny motions through my eyes looked so flirty. Is she just flirted with Sherlock Holmes? I yelled loudly in my heart.

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