Anglicization and Expansion Essay

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Even though the American colonies developed original American beliefs through westward expansion; British Enlightenment ideas and Anglicization provided the foundation for American ideals, proving the culture that emerged in the mid-18th century colonies to be indistinct from Britain. The English Enlightenment represented innovation in technology, advancement of communication, and the destruction of absolutism, all of which significantly affected American culture. Scientific discoveries in Europe, mainly cultivated by Isaac Newton, Galileo, and Copernicus, served as the pinnacles of scientific rationalism, or the science that provides answers to questions reached through human inquiry, not scriptures of the Bible. These findings went …show more content…
Those in the medical and legal professions, once denounced as secular, implemented Enlightenment ideas and these “learned professions” skyrocketed. Adoption of British culture in the American colonies stretched beyond politics and science. London fashions were worn by the gentry in North America and even English architecture was evident in the colonial buildings. The acceptance and implementation of British ideas in the American colonies was known as Anglicization, and it had a profound effect upon the colonists, whether they realized it or not. Because imports to the Americas were strictly British, and imports outpaced the population growth of North America, the imports defined American culture as British. Therefore, by the mid-18th century the American colonies were not developing their own distinct culture, and were merely British citizens residing outside of Britain. However, Anglicization eventually prompted American westward expansion due to British practices reinstated in the colonies during the period of Anglicization, such as primogeniture. Primogeniture was the form of inheritance originally practiced in Great Britain, yet through Anglicization, the colonies began to use it as well. Patriarchs of the household bequeathed their property to their eldest

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