Essay on Animal Rights

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Animal Testing: Right or wrong?

A topic that has always been close to many people hearts is the one of animal testing. Some believe that it is right completely, some that it is right but only under certain circumstances and others that believe that all animal testing is wrong and will go to extraordinary lengths to stop it. There are many organisations that are against animal testing and that arrange protest marches and demonstrations against it. This is an important issue as there are so many different views and arguments for and against animal testing, and as these are animals lives at stake here.

For centuries, animals have been used in medical research. Since 1875, animal experimentation has been an on going debate on whether
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Although mice and rats look very similar, their reaction upon certain drugs can be totally distinctive. Roy Kupsinel, M.D. once announced that "animal experimentation produces a lot of misleading and confusing data which poses hazards to human health. For example, 4 million patients per year are hospitalised for side effects caused by thoroughly tested' drugs, and of those 50,000 die of the cures,' not the disease". According to Davis, "aspirin causes birth defects in rats and mice, poisons cats, but does not affect horses". A well-known example of the misleading animal testing which harms human health is the thalidomide disaster. The box accompanying the thalidomide stated that after substantial animal tests, this drug was confirmed to be safe. However, birth defects were eventually caused if pregnant women had prescribed. This resulted in missing limbs in thousands of babies. In addition, there are many factors affecting the results obtained by animal experimentation, such as stress, age, diet, gender, isolation, and crowding. Some drugs are toxic for humans but healthy for animals; some are useful for human health but not in terms of animals. As a result, animal experimentation does not totally benefit for human health. Instead, they may harm human beings. Focus on animal research eliminates choices on

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