Essay on Are Athletes Really Bad Role Models?

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Assignment 3: Athletes aren’t role models-Really?
Many famous athletes aren’t exactly angels. Take a look at Tiger Woods and John Terry (Chelsea footballer). Both are extremely successful players of their respective sports. Unfortunately, they are also prone to giving up to their hormones and desires. Tiger Woods allegedly had sex with at least 10 different women during his marriage. John Terry had an affair with his best friend, Wayne Bridge’s wife. Both players are now divorced.
With all these scandals about athletes going on, it is not surprising that people are calling athletes bad examples to the younger generations. However, I think that we have once again overlooked the good things that these people have done.
I feel that Ms
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Ms Kelley wrote about athletes have been “pampered and catered to by coaches, classmates, and family members from a young age. They feel that they aren’t accountable for their behaviour of the field, as they are so used to people looking the other way.”
I find this completely untrue. Many great athletes are not pampered at a young age. Take Pele as an example. He was raised in Três Corações, a small Brazilian town. He had to scrap for every little bit of money for his kit when he was younger by selling pies made by a local woman, shining shoes for others, and by selling scrap metal, an experience that he says “taught me the value of hard work”. His family and mentor did not pamper him either. His father had drilled the words “discipline, respect, and hard work” into his brain. Those three qualities have been a cornerstone of his life, defining qualities that made him arguably the best player in the history of football. His mentor also forbade him to smoke, drink, or indulge in sexual pleasures. These measures have made Pele into a disciplined individual that had his eyes on the job. This shows that the family of an athlete is not a disruptive presence, rather it can be the support a player needs.
When an athlete commits a crime, the public will condemn them. Modern society does not look the other way whenever someone, no matter how famous, commits a crime. In a way, these incidents also define the character of an athlete. Let’s take Tiger

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