Essay on Arguments for English Immersion

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Arguments for English Immersion

In recent years people have developed views against the idea of bilingual education and they believe strongly that it accounts for the failure of students. Therefore, in 1998 California changed it’s law to allow for only English immersion to be taught, due to the frustration they were experiencing because not enough children were obtaining a working knowledge of English (Tapia, 2000). Through observations many people have come to the conclusion that English immersion is much more effective then bilingual education and that this law was successful. Ever since the new English immersion law went into effect, California has observed that, while before when bilingual education was taught only 18% of
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A 1996 poll taken nationwide by the Center of Equal opportunity received results showing that 81% of Latino parents wanted their children to be taught in English (Herger, 1998). Likewise, a poll conducted in early 2003 by a “nonpartisan opinion-research group” called Public Agenda which is based in New York City showed that 1/3, or about 32%, of immigrants stated that students should receive some instruction and take some courses in their native language while 63% of immigrants said that students should be taught in English only. While Mexicans and Caribbean people are more supportive of bilingual education the poll still showed support for English only classes. While 45% of the Mexican immigrants support bilingual education, 51% support English only classes (Zehr, 2003). Though some families still prefer their children to learn in their native language, support for English only classes is growing strong and overtaking support for bilingual classes.

There are many people working hard in order to get English immersion classes taught in place of bilingual education classes. Congressman Wally Herger has become the co-sponsor of federal legislation to abolish Bilingual education programs. His father grew up in a Swiss German speaking family, but learned only English in school and did fine, so Herger believes that Bilingual education programs are not necessary. He also justifies his position through citation of the study by the California

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