Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos Essay

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Becoming an accepted member of a country you do not feel is your home is an immaculate task that can be intangible at times. For Nadira and her family, this task proved to be more difficult than they originally thought. For this Bangladeshi family, obtaining citizenship was problematic, but after the September 11th terrorism attacks, it seemed almost impossible. Immigrants come to the United States for many reasons, including religious freedom, a fresh beginning, or tackling the American Dream. Even though it did not feel like home, Nadira, her sister, and her parents wanted to stay here because returning to Bangladesh was not the best option for them. How did Nadira find the courage to fight for her family’s acceptance in a world …show more content…
Privilege implies acceptance. This becomes apparent when Nadira and Aisha visit Mr. Rashid to get answers about her father. Aisha expresses her opinion by saying, “My parents may not be as educated or rich or desirable as your other clients over there. But we count too” (Budhos, p. 65). Later on at the police station where Uncle is being held, an officer tells Aisha, “You want to talk about rights, you don’t have a right to sit in this area. We’re just tryin’ to make it easier for you folks” (Budhos, p. 85). Both of these instances bring privilege to the forefront and make it clear that they are not accepted. Even if they were legal citizens, it would not matter because of the labels that people put on Muslims after September 11th. Another dynamic of acceptance occurs within the family. Nadira, being the younger, less appreciated sister, feels underrated by her father. Inspiring doctor Aisha gets most of the attention, especially at school where all of the teachers adore her and applaud her for her high grades and work ethic. Aisha overshadowed Nadira. After all, one of the main reasons for coming to the United States was for Aisha dream of going to college. It is as if Nadira was just another daughter, always seeing the competition and wanting to be just as good as Aisha for her father. As the two sisters lived without their parents, Nadira realized she had to do something. If being accepted was not going to happen, she had to save her

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