Association Membership Recruitment and Retention Essay

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Step one to take an assessment of your situation is an extremely important step that is often disregarded. Organizations often look at the challenges they face but they don’t necessary identify membership opportunities. While working for AmeriCorps I was a part of the team that worked with state commissions to help their state nonprofit programs run well. This position also required that I participate in the yearly grant review process. Basically we would read through all the applications and pick chose the “best of the best” based on things such as the needs in the state, if they were focusing on a presidential initiative, how they have done in the past and what they plan to do. This process only weeds out a few and than we look at …show more content…
One thing that was not mentioned in the reading is that it is important to have attainable goals. USAID had to look at what the need is what they believe is an attainable goal based on previous year applications. As part of the recruitment staff at USAID I can see that it is an attainable goal in fact while conducting many outreach and recruitment events I have even felt enticed to join up which takes us to step three to find and target good prospects. As with many of the people I recruit for USAID I fit the target prospective. USAID targets those who have interest in humanitarian efforts and foreign affairs so they look to return Peace Corps members and to those with educational disciples in foreign affairs. The point is to search for those that could succeed in a job overseas. We are concerned with a person’s adaptability and their willingness to leave many of their friends and family for several years. In order to recruit the target groups, we need to go to the correct venues and have an effective membership message. Firstly, we often attend events such as returned Peace Corps events, and international affair university career events. One of our most difficult recruitment initiatives is for a Foreign Service Officer in Afghanistan. We really have to focus on a message that has a real sense of empathy (367). A video created but USAID on our website tries to do just that and is a good

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